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internet marketing

In the age of the Internet and our culture of snapshot, of seeking new experiences, the viral effect of the Digital Marketing Strategies is a real asset for companies and brands.

For this, it is essential to integrate a digital marketing strategy for the overall communication of the brand. Digital marketing makes it possible to increase the audience of a website: visibility, traffic, brand awareness.

How to capture the attention of prospects and customers using the digital marketing strategy with method and strategy for each sector of activity: e-business, e-commerce, e-tourism …

The digital marketing action plan

First, you must identify the profile of the ideal customer then determine your target and the associated actions. The ideal customer is the “persona” representing the perfect customer model of the brand or company.

For this, it is interesting to create your “buyer persona”. A buyer persona is a fictitious person with attributes and psychological and social characteristics. (See image below)

Each brand has different objectives and strategies, for this here is a classification by activity categories: E-business to develop an activity on the internet. E-commerce for traders and brands and E-tourism for tourism professionals and actors… This is in order to define different digital strategies .

The digital marketing strategy begins with the creation of a website

Create a powerful website

posséder un site web pertinent - stratégie marketing digital

It starts by calling on a web professional, a web agency to create a high-performance website , with attractive content in terms of texts, images and video. According to the web design trends of 2020, it is advisable to use a clean style combined with pastel colors. It is also advisable to use neutral and unobtrusive photos. As well as creative illustrations and hidden navigation. This without forgetting the classic standards of responsive design and the predominance of image and video over content … Of course, think about optimizing your referencing (SEO) for your presence and integrating a good user experience (UX) to retain your visitors …

Optimize your SEO referencing

optimiser son référencement SEO - stratégie marketing digital

Today, given the exponential number of websites on the web, brands and commercial companies will have to optimize their presence through natural referencing . Without this, there is no chance of being visible and accessible on the internet and search engines. As Bill Gates predicted in 1996, “Content is king” content is king. Writing content and using relevant keywords. SEO is now the most powerful marketing technique to increase its visibility and notoriety with prospects and customers.

Paid SEO through display advertising

référencement payant et publicité - stratégie marketing digital

Search engine marketing (SEM) brings together all the techniques used to optimize the presence and visibility of a website on search engines. Within search engine marketing, there are two tools: Natural referencing (SEO), and SEA paid referencing. Search engine advertising (SEA) refers to online advertising . There are different types of SEA. Display advertising is ideal for making yourself known and attracting new customers. Display designates a more visual and attractive digital advertising model using graphic, audio and video elements.

Continuous improvement of the user experience

l'amélioration continue de l'expérience utilisateur - stratégie marketing digital

Registering the user experience in your web project makes navigation and accessibility easier and provides a pleasant experience for the visitor. Optimizing the three tools increases the conversion rate: ergonomics, navigation and atmosphere. Web ergonomics consists of improving the comfort of the Internet user. Creating an optimal user experience consists of making menu items appear in the logical order of use and limiting the complexity of each click. The atmosphere of a website is made up of atmospheric factors (design, colors, illustrations, writing, sounds). Help sections (forums, FAQ, etc.).

Creating a blog

création d'un blog d'informations - stratégie marketing digital

Creating an information blog is a good way to increase website traffic by posting interesting news, news, and news articles. Publish regularly on new trends in your field of activity and your services and products. In addition, the publication of a blog article is taken into account and valued in Google SEO. Publishing content is king for your presence and brand awareness.

Digital marketing for tourism professionals

Join Google Ads Hotel campaigns

Google Ads Hotel campaigns were designed for the hospitality industry. Hotel campaigns integrated into Google Ads work on an auction system. Learn more about Google Ads hotel ads . These allow ads to be served worldwide through Google’s language system. This Ads Hotel campaign gives the possibility of being displayed in all languages and countries for an international presence.

Manage customer reviews

gérer les avis clients - stratégie marketing digital

Following numerous statistics, the majority of Internet users consult customer reviews before purchasing a product or service. Internet users recommend products they are satisfied or unhappy with, a form of word of mouth, all the more important in the tourism sector. Managing customer reviews well is essential in order to better understand your customers and improve your customer service. In addition, good customer reviews can increase your notoriety and the visibility of your website, especially on local SEO. Customer reviews should be given priority since they represent one of the most powerful levers. It is interesting to create referral offers. For example, by offering customer benefits to those who succeed in converting someone they know.

The digital marketing strategy for online sales

Adapt your website to different screens

 site web adapté aux différents écrans - stratégie marketing digital

According to a study by We Are Social in 2019, in France 74% of mobile users use their mobile to search for a product on the internet. 26% use it to buy it. Responsive design and adaptive design improve the user experience and SEO, adapting your website to different screens and integrating mobile applications can strongly boost your sales. To increase your presence on the net with all your prospects and customers.

Secure an online store

sécuriser sa boutique en ligne - stratégie marketing digital

Securing a merchant site is a guarantee of trust, especially for online stores. The security of a website helps strengthen the customer relationship. This security measure involves the implementation of labels and certificates of confidence. For example, the SSL certificate for the internet. But also through web hosting solutions and encrypted and secure electronic payment software and programs.

Convert visits to orders

Convertir les visites en commandes - stratégie marketing digital

The objective of a merchant site is to sell online and to present a catalog of branded products is good. But not enough! other criteria are essential such as site traffic and the conversion of visitors to customers. For that, you need to increase the number of leads, increase the number of products sold online, etc. For this, it is essential to include buttons and links and other signage on your website to create a call to action, or to initiate the act of purchasing online.

The digital strategy for the business of online companies

Distribute guest articles

diffuser des articles invités - stratégie marketing digital

Guest blogging is a content marketing and SEO SEO technique that involves creating and distributing an article on a third-party site’s blog. This animation technique promotes a brand by targeting a new audience of readers. The final goal is to repatriate these readers, or increase the traffic of his own blog.

Guest blogging helps develop the creation of backlinks. The backlinks are back links, directed towards internal pages of its site in order to increase the referencing. A technique defines as a win-win partnership. This strategy is taken into account in SEO and is part of one of the trends in digital marketing .

Opt for emailing

l'emailing pour promouvoir un bien ou service - stratégie marketing digital

E-mailing is the sending of mass e-mail making it possible to reach a large audience of prospects through the promotion of a service or a product and through an e-mail campaign. targeted.

According to research carried out by the Direct Marketing Association, 72% of Internet users prefer to obtain promotional offers by email, against only 28% by social networks. E-mailing and the newsletter are simple ways to build loyalty. But also faster and more economical to retain a targeted audience.

Inbound marketing a strategy to attract your customers

l'inbound marketing pour attirer les clients - stratégie marketing digital

In contrast to outbound marketing, inbound marketing captivates the customer through content (SEO presence, blog, rich and unique content), instead of soliciting customers through advertising. Inbound marketing is a full-fledged marketing strategy and an acquisition lever, this technique helps direct the customer towards the product and service. For example, the creation and sharing of targeted information on social networks is a good illustration of this inbound marketing strategy. A marketing strategy that is much less aggressive than advertising.

Your social presence on social networks

Votre présence sociale sur les réseaux sociaux - stratégie marketing digital

Social referencing

Social media optimization (SMO) or social referencing is a referencing technique on social networks. Social referencing is to be taken into account in the development of a digital marketing and global communication strategy. Today, it is considered to be the essential digital marketing tool for companies. Whether these companies act locally, nationally or internationally. Indeed, brands and companies communicate directly with their resellers, merchants, customers and exchange their knowledge in order to better manage sales.

The presence of brands and companies on social networks meets three main objectives: increasing brand awareness and visibility, building customer loyalty, acquiring new customers. The presence of brands is essential to the SMO strategy since it is used every day by millions of Internet users.

Thus, social networks can be presented as a formidable weapon and a link between the brand and the customers. Indeed, the brand by managing its community of Internet users, allows to stay in contact with its customers. To build and maintain a relationship of trust and proximity.

Social networks to favor for your business

In recent years, we have seen the emergence of new social networking platforms, to gain and reach a larger audience. However, a selection is necessary to determine the right social networks for the company . This choice will depend mainly on the activity profile of the brand or the company. Client profiles, shared content and publications, brand objectives and resources.

Please note, it is not necessary to be present on all social networks! Focus your energy on the presence and practices of prospects. Cross-sharing or cross-publishing, relating to the publication of similar content on all platforms is to be avoided. Whether to exchange, inform, share or entertain, each social network can be used differently. So publish unique content! Consistency on social networks is a guarantee of your notoriety! Prefer quality over quantity!

By creating events on Facebook or posting interactive videos on Instagram, improve your engagement on social networks! Encourage sharing to make your content go viral and later, other Internet users will share your posts. Keep in mind the viral effect of the internet and its networks.