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Evants Marketing and Promotion

We Are Leading Internet Marketing Company Specializing in Events Marketing and Promotions.

AMOS Consulting is an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in events marketing and promotions. We work with several event professionals to fill up their seats when needed. Our ten years of experience in promoting concerts, parties, seminars, and conferences both online and offline would be helpful for you when it comes to having your tickets sold out.

AMNOS Consulting have a team of experts to handle all aspects of promotions and marketing for your event. In the initial stages, we will come up with a detailed strategy according to which we plan on promoting your upcoming events whether online or offline. We know things will sometimes get complicated when it comes to handling several different aspects of promotions and marketing all at once. Therefore, we have designed a step-by-step process to handle every aspect of filling up seats for your events in an organized manner.

Let’s explore the steps that are involved with our services:

  1. Identify your event – The first step is about identifying the type of event that you are interested in being promoted to. Our team of dedicated professionals will get to work on this step by asking several questions to understand exactly what it is that you are looking for. Once we have a clear understanding of the details, we will come up with plans and ideas to make your event a success.
  2. Build visibility – Once you have understood what it is that you are looking for, our next step would be to build visibility for your event with the help of several different promotional tools. We will look into different aspects related to promoting your events such as social media marketing in order to create awareness about your upcoming events. We will also be using the event website to its maximum potential in order to expand your customer outreach.
  3. Entice referrals – We know that without creating enough value, it would be difficult to generate leads for future events. Once you have successfully generated awareness about your upcoming events, we will now focus on enticing people into referring their friends and family as well as encouraging them to buy your tickets for the events.
  4. Generate sales – Once you have been generating enough traffic from your website and social media pages, we will now focus on driving people towards buying tickets for events. Your website is the sole place where they can get a chance to pay online for their chosen seats. We will also be using all social media platforms as well as some offline methods to increase sales and conversions for your events.
  5. Tracking – Since we would be working on several different aspects together, we need to monitor everything that we have done in order to optimize the outcome of the event. Our team will create a report about how many people were referred through each of the different steps and how many people bought tickets for each aspect. Based on our findings, we will make some modifications to the process in order to improve the performance of your future events as well as reduce any wastage that might be there due to certain processes that might not have performed as expected.

If you are looking to enhance the visibility of your events, then we would be more than happy to work with you. We promise that using our services will help you reach out to a greater number of people in your niche and get more customers to buy tickets for your events.

Our services include full marketing automation so no matter if you are running one or series of events it will work for you 27/7.